Nautical Rope Lamp with Openwork Globe Shade

This lamp revamp is a fusion of two very different inspirations.  I’m enamored with nautical rope lamps, such as the monkey fist knot Round Rope Lamp from West Elm.  I also love all of the openwork iron sphere lamps and lanterns that are available right now.  Restoration Hardware’s Iron Orb Table Lamp is awesome!

I began with this tired thrift store lamp from our family room.   It did not match our new leather furniture, so I decided to give it a makeover instead of throwing it out.  Starting from the bottom, I hot glued, wrapped some sisal rope, and repeated until I reached the top.


The openwork sphere shade was made from two hanging planters from Walmart.  I joined them together using four pieces of the planter chain.


It was necessary to disassemble the wiring to attach the shade to the lamp base.  I reused to the harp saddle to hold the shade in place.  I hammered the ends back to match the angle of the shade and it fit perfectly!


I rewired the lamp and put in a vintage style Edison lightbulb.  Doesn’t it look neat when lit up?


Here it is all aglow!