Chinese New Year Snake Craft

pin_it_button-4178004 The Year of the Snake begins next weekend.  In celebration of Chinese New Year, the girls and I made paper snakes.  We repurposed an empty paper towel tube to make the heads and fashioned the bodies out of folded paper garlands.  Would you like to learn how?


  • paper towel or toilet paper tubes
  • construction paper cut in 1 inch wide strips
  • tempera paint and painting supplies
  • scissors
  • glue
  • stapler
  • googlie eyes, glitter glue, stickers, other embellishments


Cut a piece of cardboard tube approximately 3 inches in length.  Cut a mouth shape at one end. chinesenewyearsnake4-7927377 Paint inside and out. Start on the snake’s the body while the paint dries.  Glue the ends of two contrasting strips of construction paper together at a right angle.  Fold the bottom strip over the top strip, making sure they remain perpendicular.  Crease the fold.  Continue criss-crossing bottom over the top, keeping the strips at right angles to each other. chinesenewyearsnake6-1873336 When you reach the end of the strips, leave a 1 inch overhang, trimming if necessary.  Glue another paper strip to each of the two ends, overlapping by 1 inch. chinesenewyearsnake8-1039090 Continue folding and adding strips until the snake body reaches the desired length.  Glue the ends together leaving another inch of overhang. chinesenewyearsnake9-6934264 With the top of the snake’s head facing you, glue the ends of the strips inside the back opening. chinesenewyearsnake10-6605479 Squeeze the opening closed and trim the corners to round out the back of the head. chinesenewyearsnake11-2281019 Staple it closed. chinesenewyearsnake12-8036096 Add eyes, fangs and a tongue.  Embellish with some glitter or stickers. chinesenewyearsnake13-9321208 chinesenewyearsnake2-3107845