Free Printable Addition and Subtraction Flash Cards

pin_it_button-8353508I recently began teaching my Kindergartener how to add and subtract. Once she understood the basic ideas behind the computations, I wanted to give her some flash cards to practice the math facts.  I searched the internet for flash cards with the answer printed on the reverse side and could not find anything suitable, so I ended up making my own.
1-additioncollage-2346628 1-subtractioncollage-1139321 Would you like a set of flash cards for your child?  Click on the links below to download the pdf files from Google Docs.  There is a separate file for each set of math facts, 0 – 9.
Subtraction Flash Cards 0-9
To print with the answer on the reverse side of the cards, you will need to instruct your printer to print on both sides of the paper.  Check the box next to Print on both sides of paper and click the radio button next to Flip on long edge.  Be sure the size is set to Actual size and the orientation to Portrait.

Click to Enlarge

If your printer does not automatically print on both sides of the paper, you can do it manually.  Print page 1, flip and place the paper back in the tray in the correct orientation, then print page 2.  You might have to print a couple practice sheets to figure out what direction your printer feeds the paper. Cut out your flash cards along the gridlines on the front side.  To make them a little more exciting, you can print  on colored card stock or even scrapbook paper.

And finally, a little tip to make sorting a snap, clip or round the upper right corner of each card.