Moss & Twine Birdhouse Wreath

pin_it_button-3324995 This past week finally started to feel like spring for me. My brown, brittle grass became lush and green overnight. The trees are budding and my hyacinths are blooming. I was thrilled to open the windows and fill the house with the fresh, earthy scent that follows the rain.  Confident that the lingering winter had lost its grip once and for all, I was excited to get working on a new wreath for the front the door.

I wanted to try my hand at making a moss covered wreath.  I simply glued sheet moss to a straw wreath form and wrapped it randomly with jute twine.  I made sure to use natural moss and not the dyed variety because I did not want my door to be streaked green after it rained.

craftimentsmosstwinebirdhousespringwreath2-6042322 I painted a wood birdhouse a happy yellow, and applied dark walnut stain to the roof and base. After a slight distressing with sandpaper, I hung it in the middle of the wreath with another piece of twine. craftimentsmosstwinebirdhousespringwreath4-3639982

This wreath was both easy to put together and easy on the pocketbook.  $2.50 for the wreath, $3 for a large bag of moss, $1 for the birdhouse, and I used paint, twine and glue that I had on hand.

I smile every time I come up the driveway and see my wreath hanging on the door.  Just like a sign that says “Goodbye horrible winter, you are banished from this home!” craftimentsmosstwinebirdhousespringwreath3-7732352