Tooth Fairy Box from a Thrifted Music Box

Somebody lost her first tooth last night!  In anticipation of this milestone, I created a tooth fairy box from a thrifted, vintage music box. I knew exactly what I wanted to make when I found the music box hiding behind a jumble of vases and knick knacks at the thrift store.

The sticker on the bottom of the music box says it was made in Japan in 1978 and the musical movement still works perfectly!  The inside contained a battered and crumbling straw flower arrangement, which I pulled out and replaced with a bed of moss and a silk daisy.

The center of the daisy is the perfect spot for a lost tooth to rest while waiting for the Tooth Fairy to arrive….. 1-toothfairybox2-5856772

……and leave a “gold coin” for the slumbering heiress! 1-toothfairybox5-1376709 1-toothfairybox6-6810759

How much does the Tooth Fairy pay for a tooth at your house?  Way back in 1980 when I lost my first tooth, I found one quarter under my pillow.  Out of curiosity, I used an online inflation calculator to determine that the quarter I received at six years old, equates to slightly less than a dollar today! Juju asked me what the Tooth Fairy does with all of the teeth she collects.

I wasn’t expecting the question and gave her the first explanation that popped into my head…….  the Tooth Fairy gives the teeth to babies when they are ready to start chewing.  She loved it and squealed “The Tooth Fairy recycles!!!!!”