Autumn Decorating: Dictionary Page Wreath

Just popping in to share another piece of my autumn decor, a dictionary page wreath that I made two years ago.  I ripped pages out of a worn paperback dictionary that I used in high school and college.  The pages had yellowed and were perfect for the project.


I decoupaged torn pieces randomly to a dollar store wreath form until it was covered, then added another coat of glue to seal the wreath.


The fun part was sitting down with a pair of scissors and the book pages, and creating the paper flowers.  I attached them to wreath with straight pins.

dictionarypagewreath3-1271775 dictionarypagewreath2-9449042

I don’t know if book page decoupaged crafts are still “in”, but I love this wreath and plan to display it for many years to come!