Beach Fence and Sailboat Summer Mantel

Nothing shouts sunshine and relaxation like nautical decor. It’s my go-to theme when decorating my mantel for summer and this year is no different. Would you like to take the tour?

On the left I placed a wood seashell on a stand. This was a gaudily glittered, thrift store purchase that I repainted cream with gold highlights. I added a sea urchin, a conch shell….

craftimentsbeachfencemantel4-3908566 …. and a vintage mason jar filled with small seashells. craftimentsbeachfencemantel10-5948409
The focal point of the mantel is this beach fence photo display inspired by Pottery Barn’s beach fence wall decor. Any guesses what it’s made of? craftimentsbeachfencemantel8-6242155 Eight 69ยข yardsticks, wood glue, some wire, and a bit of white wood stain! It cost a tiny fraction of PB’s $79 plus shipping. beachfencephotodisplay2-9301464 On it I displayed favorite pictures from our past beach vacations. For the look of Instagram photos, I cropped them square and added a white border. craftimentsbeachfencemantel11-3442475 I sewed a simple bunting from red, white, and blue fabric scraps. craftimentsbeachfencemantel7-8680729
And found the vintage sailboat and seashell images on The Graphics Fairy. craftimentsbeachfencemantel12-8475576 A large starfish accompanies a bunch of babies in an apothecary jar. craftimentsbeachfencemantel5-9112653
Reaching the other end of the mantel, I displayed my driftwood sailboat and two cone shells. craftimentsbeachfencemantel6-6432382 One last look… craftimentsbeachfencemantel3-2690145 I am ready to feel the sun on my hair and the sand between my toes, how about you?