I’ve Flipped Over You! Dolphin Valentines

My Kindergartener loves dolphins and wants to be a dolphin rescuer when she grows up. And an astronaut. And a teacher. All at the same time. You have to admire her ambition!   So at the future dolphin rescuer/astronaut/teacher’s request, I created these cute dolphin valentines to hand out at her classroom party.

Of course every kid’s valentine needs a cheesy pun, or two.  On the front it says, “Valentine, I’ve Flipped Over You!”   On the back, “Have a Fin-tastic Valentine’s Day!”

dolphinvalentine2-1563866 To create the heart embellishment, I used holographic scrapbook paper and a heart-shaped paper punch.  I think glittered scrapbook paper would work wonderfully too. dolphinvalentine3-7339746
You can download this freebie from the links below. Print it on cardstock and be sure the size option is set to Actual size. After printing the front, place the paper back in the tray in the correct orientation and print the back.  

The finished valentine is 4 inches square.


Download Front


Foam heart stickers are another option for the embellishment.  You could even tape a chocolate heart to the valentine if your child’s school allows candy.  Enjoy!