Kaleidoscope of Butterflies Wreath

pin_it_button-9755568 Do you know what a large group of butterflies is called?

Entomologists call them a swarm or a lek.  They are also know as a flight, a rabble, or a kaleidoscope. I love the imagery evoked by a kaleidoscope of butterflies and think it is a very fitting name for my favorite spring wreath.

I made this wreath two years ago to display on my mantel. I found free butterfly images here and printed them on both sides of a piece of cardstock (reversing the image when printing the second side so the images lined up). Then I painstakingly cut each one out. Because the colors were a bit too vivid, I brushed on a thin layer of white acrylic paint for a more muted look. I creased the butterflies slightly along their bodies to give them dimension, then hot glued them around a grapevine wreath. butterflywreath2-7393535 butterflywreath1-6500020 Simple and sweet, this wreath makes me smile every time I walk past!

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