Without the Rain, There Would Be No Rainbow Dress

I have the attention span of a three year old.  I tried to sew a few pairs of pants for Miss Imp this past weekend, but this bright and cheery rainbow fabric had other plans for me.  I unearthed it while digging through my tote of fabric and all the while I was cutting out pattern pieces, it kept whispering “hey you, make me into something…… come on, you know you want to…… don’t worry about those silly pants, you can work on them another day….it will be soooo much fun….”

And that is how Miss JuJu ended up with this happy rainbow jumper dress.  It is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and I have just enough fabric leftover to make a matching skirt for Miss Imp.

I used Bonnie Blue Designs Pattern Number 137 Madison view 1.  The dress is fully lined in white poplin and buttons down the back.

rainbowdress4-3263002 For the cloud applique I used knit fabric so I would not have to worry about fraying.  I added rain lines with my sewing machine and sewed on raindrop shaped acrylic beads.  The bead packaging did not specify if they are washer/dryer safe.  I was a little concerned and ended up performing my own tests to be sure…….  10 minutes in boiling water and 30 minutes in the dryer on the high setting….. obviously they passed. rainbowdress1-9641568 I absolutely love how this dress turned out!   And in this case at least, I am happy that I am so easily distracted.  Now excuse me, I have some pants to sew.